After the message is written….

I thought I’ll conclude, with Rukmini Kalayanam but in very brief.

The Sidha Pursha, takes this message to Dwaraka, and he travels through his mind, appears in the Krsna’s court and informs Krishna of Rukmini and her message

Brahmana UvAcha
“||ithyEthE guhya sandEshA yadudEva mayA hruthA : | vimrushya karthum yachhAthra kriyathAm thadanantharam ||”

“These are the secret messages brought by me, O Sri Krishna, considering them, whatever is worth doing in this connection may be done without delay.”

Krsna, with the consent of His parents and elder brother Balarama, leaves for Kundina Pura, and meets Bheeshmakar, who wants Krsna as his son in law. In the Durgna Mandiram, right in front of all the the Rajas, kings, The Raja of all Rajas, Emperor of emperors, Sri Rangaraja, Sri Devaraja, Sri Varadarja, Sri Soundaraja, Sri Govindaraja as He is known better, elopes with Rukmini. War follows, where Rukmi and all other rulers return disgraced by Balarama and krsna. In Dwarka, in the thousand pillared mantapam architectured by Vishwakara, the marriage ceremony of the every married Rukmini-Krsna takes place, Bheeshmakar happily sends huge gifts and Devaki and Vasudeva fondly receive  their daughter in Law and welcome her into the family.

Rukimini-Krsna hapy, Devaki- Vaudeva happy, Bheeshmakar happy, Balarama-revathi happy, sidha pursha happy, residents of Dwarka and Kundinapura happy ( we who listen this divine tale are happy, imagine people who have actually witnessed and been part of the sublime celebration), and so may all Bhagawathas be happy and be ever receive the blessings of the divine couple and enjoy the celebration of the Lord, every moment and every breath . So goes the phala shruthi by Shukabrahma maharshi, that listeners of Rukmini Kalyanam will get married soon, may we all too get married soon, yes and by marriage i mean the marriage of the soul, not the body. May all of us reach to Emperuman.


One thought on “After the message is written….

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing… I am searching for these slokas from past one month. by rukmini devi grace i got these slokas. please share the 108 slokas in Rukmini Devi Kalyanam…

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