Shloka 6

“||antha : purAntharachareem anihathya bandhoon tvA mudvahE kathamithi pravadAmupAyam | pOrvEdhyu rasthi mahathE kuladEvi yAthrA yasyAm bahir navavadhOr girijAm upEyAth ||”
“If You urge, “How can I marry you without killing your relations, living as you do within the four walls of the gynaeceus?”, I tell You beforehand the means. On the eve of marriage a grand processing will be taken out to Goddess Ambika (our family deity), in which the young bride has to go out to see Goddess Parvati.”

An interesting shloka where the girl herself becalls the groom to elope with her and a special mention of Parvati devi (ambika).

The Manu Smrti, clearly dictates that a girl may not chose her spouse without the permission of an elder, her father. But it does also mention that in case her father is not in a position to do this ( due to verious circumstances) her eldest brother may decide her life. Now, it gives another very important exception, if the girl’s father is not able to discharge this duty, and the immediate authority to dishcarge this duty ( like the eldest brother) is not fit to take the decision of the girl’s life, she may herself decide her partner. Rukmini does this, much with the agreement of her father, and not one of her brothers had the flare for dharma.

Rukmini calls Parvati devi as ambika. This was the name given Parvati, by none other than Emperuman Himself, when He did he Krsnavatharam and Parvati does the kainkaryam ( service) of transplanting the foetus of balarama from Devaki to Rohini and herself being born the daughter of Yashoda and Nanda. The Lord gives her a list of names ” Durgeti Bhadrakaleethi Vijaya Vaishnaveethi cha Sharada ambike ishani…” thayar always wants of the Lord to do one or the other anugraham to the bhakthas. Here Rukmini, inderectly reminds of Krsna that he has to give darshan to Durga Devi, as a couple with Rukmini. Smt. Prema Panduran, often quotes jovially, that the fear of the sister in law did not spare sakshat Sri Mahalakshmi 🙂 🙂


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