Shloka 7

“||yasyAngri pankajarajas napanam mahAnthO vAjhchanthi umApathi rivAatmathamO apahathyai | yarhyambujAksha na labhEya bhavath prasAdam jahyAmasoon vrathakrushAn shatha janmabhi: yAth ||”

“If however I do not secure Your grace, O lotus eyed Lord – a bath in the dust of whose lotus-feet great souls like Lord Siva seek to obtain for dispelling their darkness-I shall lay down my life, (already) withered through fasting, (each time I am rebord )in the hope that the grace may be secured (even) through (say) a hundred births”

This shows the grit that Rukmini had, and we must have to reach to the Lord. There is no peace without Him, He is in fact the ideal peace maker and the pace maker, not the machine that is fitted into us. There is always stubbornness in love, and in this undiluted infinite and divine form of love, there is absolute craving to reach to the Lord, no matter what it takes to make it there.


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