Krishna’s role : an interesting observation

Who is the hero of the Srimanmahabharatham? Some say it’s Bheeshma, the King maker. While some say Arjuna, the archer or Karna, the man for charity. You’ll find many ornate and interesting characters in this punyakatha, not to forget the Mahathma Vidura, or Dharmaputra and the innocent Bheema.

There are some who feel there is no Mahabharatha without Duyryodhana and Shakuni. Well, true enough, Mahancha Bharancha is what the Mahabharatha is. It is a feat in literature with pristine philosophy strung into simple stories, hence great (Mahan) and not to forget the expanse to which it stretches, to over 1 Lakh shlokas, and hence is a heavy work (bharam).

With so many vibrant characters, and mortal heroes to chose, it is but obvious we overlook Krishna. What is the Mahabharatham without Krishna : a cloud without water, and a night without stars.

He is indeed the cause for creation, sustenance and dissolution of all, which is justified much later  in the Srimadbhagavatham. So within the Bharatham, there were very few who knew of Krishna’s supremacy.  Ironically even Arjuna thought of Krishna  as Great and not GOD, despite having seen the Universal form of the Lord!

But there was one person who knew the future.

It so happened that Krishna was to act the messanger of the Pandavas ( We all know of Pandava Doothar sannidhi near Kanchi). He consulted the Pandavas  as to what He ought to talk and how. Yuhishtra, Bheema, Arjuna and  Nakula were of the opinion that Krishna knew what to speak to prevent the war of succession.

It was  Sahadeva who had a difference of opinion. He came up with the most befitting one : ” Neither the Kauravas nor we (Pandavas)  intend to wage the war. If it needs to be prevent, put Krishna behind the bars!” To which Krishna asks, ” So why don’t you jail me?”. Yet another beautiful reply from Sahadeva, ” It is not in anyone’s potential to bind You. You make it possible for me to bind you, and yes I will certainly bind you, like mother Yashoda had.”

There are two aspects we’d have to appreciate here, one is Sahadeva’s understanding Krishna’s absolute prowess, that He is the controller of all.

The second is the hint he gives to Prapatti, “You make it possible for me to bind you, and yes I will certainly bind you, like mother Yashoda had.”  Does this not mean that it is not jeevathma’s potential to bind the Lord with Bhakthi, but reach to Him by His very grace. The markata marjala nyaya and the greatness of Prapatti. Not to forget the coherence that Sahaeva’s words share with Madhura Kavi Azhwar’s (Kanninun Sirutthambinaal KAttuna Panniya Perumaayan…).

Great minds indeed think alike 🙂 I pray that by Acharyar’s grace, we reach to such intellectual heights.


– Treasured Listenings from discourse on Karma Yoga, by Sri.U.Ve.Velukkudi Krishnan Swami

Adiyen Ramaanujadaasan


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